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Hi, I’m 18 and from Kenya. I sell products on both shopify and Instagram targeted to Teenagers and Mid-20s.

I make precisely two sales daily but with a very small profit margin since I source these products from a wholesaler who’s also from my country.

So, to increase margins, I decided to shop from int’l sellers. The problem with this is that shipping is not only expensive but it also takes time. So for profits to be substantial, I have to maximize on shipping times by doubling my orders from America and China, which is not possible at this time because of low startup cash.

For those of you who’ve been successful in both eCommerce as well as brick and mortar stores despite these challenges, how did you go about it, for example, in Kenya, I believe I can’t get a loan from a bank because I have no proof of income.

Otherwise, how can I get a wholesaler to trust me enough to ship me goods on credit?

If none of these is possible, I have a well laid out business plan with projected revenues on up to 3 years to come. I’m calling on interested investors to reach out if interested :slight_smile:

Thank you

Suafe kijana tia bidii pia Rome was not build in a single day. Ruto pia yeye alianza na kuku moja.

That’s also my situation at the moment.
Importing business items needs to be in quantity which means more money to be spent.

Example if you import water bottles @50bob each and sell them 200 each you need to import like 300 to make business sense.

Depending with what you are dealing capital might hi even into millions. Also consider using woriahs from eastleigh this saves you time and tax

someone said :

somalis and indians usually combine their resources and import all they need seemlessly but okuyu traders go individually and wallow…tafakari hayo

kenyans can only team up for funerals and buying drinks

First of all! Congrats for being very ambitious. At 18 I was just thinking of girls and downloading series. I have some questions:

  1. Are you comfortable to share what you sell and probably a link to your Shopify store?
  2. How long ago did you launch?

Sometimes you just require time and a bit of marketing before the figures start tripling. If you are making two sales per day, you seem to be on the right path in my opinion.

All the best!

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You might want to explore alternative sources like crowdfunding or angel investors who may be more willing to invest in your business without the need for proof of income.
In my opinion, it’s all about building relationships and showing your commitment to your business. Keep refining your business plan and reaching out to potential investors who align with your vision. With persistence and a solid plan, you can overcome these challenges and grow your business successfully. Best of luck!
In addition, you might want to consider looking into Cloud ERP solutions to help streamline your operations and improve efficiency. These platforms can offer tools for inventory management, order processing, and more, which could help you manage your international orders more effectively.