Echesa Atatumwa Shambani Na Washwash Wenzake Akicheza. Doomed Arms Deal Returns To Bite Him

His recent arrest has to do with the nudes of the kakamega governor

He is a billionaire, he can sort his problems out using money. His brain is dense and very brilliant.

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Echesa is Hulliam’s mutu wa mkono. He is one of the guys Zakayo will use as proxy when he does not want to soil his hands in the lucrative businesses involving DRC. But not even Zakayo’s roho ngumu could fathom how Echesa reduced himself to wanking with governor Barasa’s nudes. To his credit, and partly because of his staunch faith, Zakayo does not “mwaga nyuma” and freaks out at anyone using a fellow ndume’s nudes for shady purposes.
Secondly, remember that Barasa was being courted mos mos into the UDA camp in order to neutralize Waycliffe Oparanya’s influence in Kakamega. Echesa messed with Huliam’s pet project those sides, and will pay dearly

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billionaire has just lost its meaning


He is no longer in Rutos future plans

Hapa Kitui tuko nyuma ya Echesa.

Kaa ngumu Rashid

@Electronics4u why are you allowing this dog to immirate me ?mara kitui mara kathonzweni hii mbwa inafaa kuwa Siberia na patco wakifunguana boot

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Cheza chini we ghaseer. Wacha makelele mingi

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@Electronics4u see this handle terrorist following me like am his father . This is unacceptable

Haha. But what was his motive with blackmail?

Omusungu alisema show me your friends and I will tell you your character… ni hayo tu