Ecclesiastes 11:1-

Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.

some one please explain the ‘bread’ & water relation in layman’s language.
ckuelewa hio kingereza service ya leo.

hata mimi niliisikia kwa kipindi fulani juzi nikajiuliza huo ni ujinga gani?

have you read the whole chapter? it becomes obvious what he means as you’ll get the context of the statement.
soma chapter mzima.

Kohelethu meant sow wisely for you will surely reap

Waters= people


Khasia. Idler unasumbua.

nani amekwongelesha?


Just like that!

Just say Amen and tithe your way to heaven or poverty, whichever comes first

Meaning in lay man word is that you should spread your seeds (investment) for after many days you will reap in many places.