Ebenezer Mutua


This dye drinking mathafaka thinks he is god.

Wapi comments

He drinks?

Now I can conclude drunkards fail in leadership.

Look at Uhuru,I hear Madvd too…


His opinion, the reality is clear.

In other words it’s a done deal …watu wa petition suck it up.

stupid analogy… the elections are already rigged

deputy jesus anatumika na state to suppress watu wa arts
pantambua such rhetoric

He has his flows. But what he is saying is fundamentally right. IMF already signed a contract with the government and failure to execute will see them lose their funds plus penalties. They have already disbursed a good portion of the funds. It’s like a bank giving you half a loan then stopping because your sister is complaining.

Kamba men are useless m wanafaa wakuliwe mabibi.