Where did this piece of Tanzanian chieth go to? They used to be quite entertaining some years back.

Ilinunuliwa na wasafi

It went down with the late Magufolly

It was years ahead in terms of quality compared to kenyan stations back then

Pan-African and/or Regional Music channels don’t work any more. Music tastes and preferences are too regionally segmented to stir up much interest when packaged as one. They used to work when TV stations were fewer and YouTube plus all other online consumption channels were non-existent or nascent.

This is why Channel O only caters to Seuth Efrikens nowadays. MTV Base has feeds specific to the country, same as Trace Africa.

Unfortunately, music channels, MTV, VH1, Trace included are all dying a slow death. Blame it on YouTube and all free video-on-demand services that have come up in the last 10 years. Why struggle to get through a silly “Top 100 Divas” countdown on MTV when you could watch any music video you want real time on YouTube?

There was a guy who used to host that Hip Hop show used to shout Kari Nyie Kari (Kali nyie kali)… used to find that funny. and the Uswazi talk show… guy walking aroound the ghetto in bongo just talking to random individuals… why lie they tried.

They had content, gave us Bongo hits, and their content was alrite,.sio upus za ebru na confessions za ushenz ama vipindi za blind dates.

Unasema nini Homo Habilis

Soma in slow motion utaelewa.


Top notch quality Pan-African entertainment. Top of class actually

God they really tried. I was glued to the channel 24/7 in those days

irudishwe very fast

It was purely a music channel with an interlude of entertainment updates

BTW STV bado iko?

I remember it vividly as a young kipii

Hiyo ngoma ya dazbaba nipe tano is now playing on my head after reading this thread. Meffi nyinyi

Ilienda baada ya digital migration kufika

I first encountered EATV as a Nairobi newbie who landed in the cirry in year 2003.

I came to Nairobi as a college student and resided in Ole Enchen hostels in Ngara.

I used to watch Mr. Nice fagilia wote while at the small dining hall in the hostel.

Still very active in TZ. Veteran John Karani used to work in a sister radio station before rejoining KBC English service.