eating a relative, stopping is impossible

five years ago, i broke the social rule and nailed sis in law (wifes sis). long story for another day, dont ask for evidence- i cant even think of it. we repeated multiple times over a period of one year with a full sense of entitlement every time we had privacy. I have been her confidant and till today we have a good bond. She even used me with my full knowledge as a shield (decoy) at times to dodge his boyfriend, (now husband and father of their one kid) on the usual girl-boy chase dating scene. The boyfriend would visit with full forewarn that bro in Law came visiting, he would enjoy popcorns with me at her house, while her pussy was oozing my ‘juice’. When the dating got serious, we stopped making out with a mutual understanding not to make anything awkward. There has never been a sign of awkwardness, we simply agreed to keep it secret but not repeat. fast forward, juzi amenikujia with serious issues, not so serious from a man’s perspective, but as a genuine confidant i listened carefully, sorted 80% of the probs satisfactorily with the most sincere advice a bro can afford a sis, including financial boost to arm her for the solutions. She got emotional and in the proces of consoling her, things got steamy and mjulubeng sank deep in the cookie effortlesly, four years since the last encounter. Its happened three times now in the last month, and she is awesome as she was then (needless to say , the exceptional case of nyama kwa nyama bila wasiwasi).
I thought it was over 4 yrs ago, but I realize as long as its a relative, a re-match is guranteed before eternity. Please, dont mess with a relative if you can’t sustain intimacy for life. I dont see the end to this any time soon, and am honestrly scared of potential trouble, I know we are trending on dangerous grounds. Its not plain sex, there is some passion in it when it happens.

Sister-in-law is not your relative.

ok, but still a special case. the pink handlers in here are too holy, they will crucify me when they wake up.

labda wife anagawia bf wake

sounds like some church elder in our village that we respect so much, you know those perfect families with very disciplined kids… heard from a very close friend that he has been screwing the wife’s younger siz. I opened my mouth wide and imagined the curvy bitch opening her thighs for that dude and got me veeeery hard.

I don’t know how it all ends but please
1.don’t get her pregnant or things will become elephant
2. make sure nobody knows even your closest man-friend…

[li]Are you related to Ababu?[/li][/ol]

Birds of the same feather flock together. I could bet my entire net worth you wife is also involved with the same shenanigans…

100 percent not 80. You are being played. Quit it before it’s too late.

Enjoy. She’ll prolly have your baby and when it happens it won’t be by accident… Women are master planners

for the love of god, its on a sunday

This is disgusting to say the least

Your in-law is a whore. You are just a naive customer. How many men do you think she has slept with when she was broke?:D:D

Tell him to run

Your wife is your relative. Get intimate with her instead.

Hii maneno ya sis-in-law I have come face to face with the temptations once when she came to visit us for a week, I found myself going out of town for an imaginary workshop for almost the whole week just to avoid her sinkhole coz najuwa 90% of watu wamepitia including my brother

…from the local nympho…

Nothing there you can’t handle. Even getting her pregnant will just be a 1 month storm then everything will be back to norm with 2 women at your disposal. Trust me, just prayed in the morning.

You will be busted one day.

Hata afadhali ukule dem mwingine but not your wife’s fam bana

That is guaranteed