Easy way to Canada.

Elders saa hii the Canadian embassy is offering asylum to any member of the LGBTQ, ni wewe sasa ucheze kiwewe. A member of their community has been killed now use that as an excue.

Fuck mnataka kuniongezea mashoga mtaa tena. We have enough LGBTQ as it is … enuff o’ dem.

Don’t be cheated wadau. Sai ndio wana tighten laws hata zaidi. They don’t want y’all there. gey or straight

akina @PHARMACY can pretend to be one and get in quickfast

Kina pharmacy na mama yako mwenye huuza mcoondur

By Robin Levinson-King
BBC News, Toronto

Canada is betting big on immigration to fill the gap in its economy left by aging Baby Boomers leaving the workforce - but not everyone is on board with bringing in so many people from abroad.
Earlier this month, the federal government announced an aggressive plan to take in 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025, with almost 1.5 million new immigrants coming to the country over the next three years.

This plan would see Canada welcome about eight times the number of permanent residents each year - per population - than the UK, and four-times
more than its southern neighbor, the United States.

But a recent poll shows that there is also anxiety about welcoming in so many newcomers.

Canada: Why the country wants to bring in 1.5m immigrants by 2025

matter core ii

Dem ya beshte yangu actually ameenda hivi sai anangojea kuprocessiwa papers. Kuna agents Nairobbery who engage in this bizness.