Eastleigh restaurant nikama nilikuwa mogadishu

At one time nikiwa Eastleigh maubao zikaniingiza restaurant ingine ilikuwa busy ajabu all the Customers were somalis mi being nywele ngumu and dark I was the odd one out, kila mtu alikuwa ananichecki akiwa nkama ameshangaa infact space ilikuwa imejaa kuna mmoja alikam akiwa na lady alisimama nilipokuwa nkama anadai nitoke…hawa jamaa wangeishi kama wahindi highwalls no interaction na sisi kuliko kujifanya waarabu yet some are darker than some of us nimikorogo wanajikataa tu


If it bothers you just go to a restaurant where you can meet fellow Tanzanians


If so, the streets and schools zi labeliwe pia nani anafaa kupita nani hafai


You want to send Kenya back to the dark days??

Too many racists here

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We should send all of them back to NEP or Zoomalia

Siwezi kula kwa mkahawa nashuku watu wanaeza tema mate kwa sahani.


Hatari mzee

Don’t worry jomba. Tukiingia iyo sirkal tutatatua hii mambo.



Segregation still exists in its most widely accepted form - segregation based on income/wealth.

One thing most people don’t realize is that the entire world is segregated based in income/wealth. People accept that type of segregation because the wealthy lead by dominating the poor.

" Conflict theory, as associated with Karl Marx, is a social theory that posits that society is in a state of perpetual conflict because of competition for limited resources* . 1. Conflict theory holds that social order is maintained by domination and power, rather than by consensus and conformity.*"

You won’t find peasants at restaurants in Westy and Kile where meals for a couple set you back more than 5k+.

In fact, rich and broke people almost never interact in this city. A broke person huenda shopping town akitumia matatu. A rich person huenda shopping Westy na gari yake. A broke person anaenda Mombasa na SGR ama bus. A rich person atabook flight. Wakifika Mombasa the rich person spends over 20k per night at a resort but the broke person spends peanuts in shady hotels. Huku Nai the rich person lives in his mansion pale Muthaiga/Karen/Nyari etc. The broke person lives in dingy apartments eastlands ama hata slums. Those two people hardly cross paths. The rich person ataenda some rooftop clup in westlands whereas the broke chap atakuwa Calabash akitafuta kuma ya 150 bob. Heck, hata wakigonjeka the rich person will be at Nairobi Hospital and the broke person atakuwa Kenyatta Hospital general wards queuing with 100s of other peasants and potentially getting hospital-acquired infections from the filthy facilities.

Segregation still exists in a widely accepted form and it is based on finances.

The question is, why do the masses accept that kind of segregation? Because they have been brainwashed to think that one day they will make it and join the upper class. Sadly, when they realize that 99% of people born poor, live poor, and die poor they are already too old to do anything.

Capitalism segregates people efficiently based on their income/wealth. Aviation is the perfect example. Peasants fly economy. Then there is premium economy, business class, first class, private jet charter, and finally own private jet. That way, a peasant and a billionaire will never cross paths because even the terminals they use at the airport are different. Peasants can’t access the business lounge etc. Even at events, the rich get the best seats and the peasants get the worst obviously. The billionaire attending that UEFA game, NBA game, or UFC event will never mix with peasants and he has the best seats. Leo hii kwa game ya UEFA finals the fat cats will be holed up in the VIP suites where they will watch live as they eat caviar and discuss the future as peasants scream in the cheapest seats farthest from the field.


Kuna siku nili ingia hotel Iko Eastleigh. Nika pata msomali mzee anakula madondo na spaghetti na maziwa. Anakula na mkono alafu supuu imemwagika kwa ndevu. Nika kumbuka hawa watu Wana osha matanye na maji after kukunia. Appetite iliisha hapo


Enyewe ulikua academic writer. How can you explain such a simple concept a very long winded way.


Then you all die.

Sasa huko ndio pesa iko, nmejipata mara mingi meetings na woria. Hao unachapa kazi na mmoja analeta clan mzima.

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Wamekuletea biz mingi sana

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I saw a woria seated at a table directly opposite mine casually blow his nose with a serviette, folded it slowly and proceeded to throw it inside the empty cup Infront of him. Waiter akakuja akapeleka hizo vikombe kitchen. Sikumaliza food and that was the last time for me to patronize a Somali restaurant

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Why are you always full of wisdom?

Every somali I’ve met, except less than 1 in 1000 is always darker than me.

Your filthy creature self