Eastlands Chiles

Whats your opinion on eastlands chiles

We have no opinion faga


I expected that from your small head

There are only good and bad women… What matters is their destination

hakuna!!..depends on ones personality, ata wa uptown or west side of tao chiles are sometimes failures.

Nimeachia hapo kwa chiles, cant relate:mad:

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Wa east lands ni ma Empress sio chiles


They have a hole between their legs

Kunia ulale.

Kama hawakutaki hawatakutaka. Kunguru ni wale wale

They are just complicated like other women.

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[B]Kuna ALL types huko siku hizi …

Slay Queens
Ghetto Hoes
Hot Mammas
Sugar Babes
Sugar Mums

Chaguo ni Lako … !![/B]

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hao ukicheza nao watakupiga upper cut na wakusindikize na teke la mkundu


kama unapenda rangi ya thao, I highly advice you make a pit stop at pipeline embakasi

They are cool but be careful if yu are dating one because utakamuliwa mfuko


Look for a movie called east. It’s explained huko

Chile inakuwanga na district inaitwa eastlands??

Not bad…you can get a good one and a bad one.i have cousins there and they are good ladies.

I mean there also as bad or good girls in the leafy suburbs as there are in east lands.

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