East Africa's Locusts Invasion Was Like Child's Play Compared To India's. SHOKING PHOTOS

[SIZE=5]Horrifying swarm of locusts engulfs Indian town as country is hit by worst PLAGUE for 27 years, 122F HEATWAVE.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]No where to step

Picha duka.

the day is 31st August 2020.
are you prepared?

Farmer suicides in that country will increase by 300%


Wafungue animal feeds factories and use them dried as protein raw materials

Jaribu kusanif ndom time zake.

Parapanda ilie tu…saa hii. Dunia haikaliki!!!

Prepare to do what? Grow some imaginary wings and fly? Rier!!!

What is happening? Rapture?

that will be the final day of life as we know it.
the trumpet will sound, people rise from the dead, the faithful followers ascend to Heaven (dead and those living) and the non-belivers will be left here on earth for torment and judgment.
we will wish for death but it won’t come, wish for the earth to swallow us, but it will just spit as back alive.
spend all your savings, have fun as much as possible, but on the 29th to 30th August, repent all your sins.
if you die before then and before repenting, too bad. (doesn’t matter how good/holly/righteous a life you lived)

Sitakuita ghaseer saa hii,nitangoja hadi the next day.

ni poa sahi juu next day naeza kua juu juu saidi.

Oh,heaven ni juu? Which direction?

juu past the clouds, in space
na hell ni chini yetu past Mariana trench.

Dini ni kitu mbaya sana

Please stop lying. These are the kinds of utterances that make Christians look bad and bring ridicule to the gospel.

these are the utterances that were/are been spewed everywhere by our religious leaders.
and which parts are wrong?

Matthew 25:13
Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

nilikuwa nimesema sitacheka lakini, … hawa wasee ndii huwa wanaabudu ngombe na sanamu ama?