East Africans have done a stellar job controlling Corona

With slightly under 4000 cases and less than 100 deaths, the combined East African population of 150 million has done a stellar job controlling Covid-19 compared to the relatively “wealthier” nations up North.

It looks like the Draconian control measures effected in these countries have stemmed the tide of the pandemic. The same scenario is repeated in Southern African countries, Central and even West Africa. This is remarkable, considering scientists had predicted massive and historical fatalities in our areas.

The WHO might want to adopt our template for use in other areas of the world where the disease is still causing enormous problems and high fatalities.

My view is premised on the assumption of a uniform virus strain and the occurence of zero pre-immunity globally

Keg bado tunakamatia chini

Isn’t it too early to celebrate given the rise in infections this week? More mass testing=more confirmed cases.

no we didnt do anything…we just have good immune systems

Nothing we have done. This Covid19 doest not hit the African black man that much.

Our (254) Achilles foot is Somalia.
We’re castigating Tz so much yet the REAL DANGER is from SOMALIA.
Just check their confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths.
Also check what’s happening in places where they are concentrated in Kenya

Yap, stellar job at controlling nothing

until mass testing gets to a certain threshold we are still not yet their

I am not trusting the numbers I see from these countries.

So countries that are unable to feed it’s people, clean their streets and provide water suddenly have the capability to control a pandemic that is beyond developed nations? Brilliant.

You must suffer from acute peconiosis. The kind of affliction that makes you feel if mzungu cannot fix it, nyeuthi certainly cannot!! Chame on you!!

And it will not.

Testing kits are already positive

Bonobo thinking at its best.

This is purely the hand of God that has delivered you. It is not by your might that Africa fared better than ‘wealthier’ nations.

Thats 99% of Africans,

washaanza kulift lockdown sijui juzi magafuli alidai kits ati hazipendi maendeleo ya waTz, Mngojee Second wave hapo tutajua tulikua hatujui lolote.

Really??? Read the last line of my post!!!

It is not about feelings or thinking but rather the methodical approach to the pandemic. Your head needs to be examined if you believe what Kagwe keeps parroting about. Just visit any govt hospital na urudi hapa.
To your accusation, why are we still hungry in the 21st century?

proponents of your argument mumeulizwa swali moja mukashindwa kujibu.

Do you mean to say infections will increase with mass testing?