East Africa Community Vehicle Load Control Act, 2016,

Tanzania has begun implementing the East Africa Community Vehicle Load Control Act, 2016, with some transporters already facing stiff penalties for contravening its provisions. More than [SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]3,000 trucks[/SIZE] transporting cargo have been held at various weighbridges under the orders of the Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads).

Zambians washahamia Beira port ya Mozambique

Wahame wote. Hatutaki mchezo na barabara.

I think Tanzania is not behaving well with her neighbors! It’s like she’s self sufficient in everything and the neighbors are a bother to them! They create sanctions without taking into consideration the fact that her children are scattered all over the region and are well treated there!

Ile siku tanzanias neighbours will start retaliating watakiona,they behave as if they are a superpower

driving in Tanzania is equivalent to a driving test in kenya

Its like a son (Tanzania) telling his father (Kenya) “baba nitakuchapa!”

True…wana ujinga saana…hiding speed cameras around bushes kwa hata highway ni utoto

Install radarbot on your Android phone and thank me later.

I use this in Tz, its perfect.