Easiest Way ya Kupata Dem

“i am married” ranks among the most effective pick-up lines a man can use to attract kungurus from left, right and center. From my undercover research i found that ladies who were “too classy” for a guy become spontaneously available for him after they learn of his marriage.

I thought we covered this syllabus already
hawa students wa D- jamani


Thank you so much for this gift.

scientist discovered starfish can “see” with it’s arms, meanwhile you are discovering crap

Oh lawds help us! We are about to be hit on by fake married men! :rolleyes:

madem hupenda kipara yangu na IQ ya naturally bald men iko juuu kuliko ya other men

Naona culprit

Anyway, kama self esteem iko on the low, naapisha. otherwise, be true or forever hold ur D

How many women did you carry your research “on”??

There is no manual that exists on how to land a dame. Kiswahili, self-esteem and just be yourself among st other things. [SIZE=1]Of course mfuko pia [/SIZE]

Kumbe wewe ni bro ya @introvert

The only manual on how to land a chic is playing the numbers game. For every 10 you hit on, you may land 3 or 4. The rest have husbands that they are faithful to, are not into you, or want you to jump through hoops for high mileage pussy and you don’t have time for that BS

Hadi quadrijoint.
Tofauti tu ni kwamba at least mi nilifika form 4.

Ndio ukapata kazi inahitaji ugali mingi na akili ndogo ya kurepair TVS na Boxer:D:D

I’ll have you know, though, that kazi ya nduthi demands more than ya gari.

My dear are you saying that you have no hair on your head??? :eek:

Are you surprised? Si unajua akili ni nywele na Uwessmeffi hananga

Easiest way - Enda river road, nunua chloroform.
Thank me later.