Easiest way to save money. Be a pro in just one year

Save money by stopping eating. Train yourself in steps. The first week eat supper only. Second week eat once every two days. 3rd week eat once in 3days. By this time your system will have adjusted well. Within 3 months, you will be able to be eating once a month. In 12months, you will be able to be eating once a year, preferably Christmas. From there never eat again in your life.

Since you were eating Shs 500 a day, you will be saving 500*365=Shs 182,500 a year.

Subbie, uko serious?

Yea. Imagine how much money you waste on food.

Una save nini? Kirubi with his billions alinyuria akaziwacha. Learn to be content. Hii maisha ni mdogo mdogo.

Classic poor folks words

:D:D:D… I pray that I will never do such nonsense. Your problem isn’t saving its cash flow. Shm.

5 +2 diet

Yea, makes no sense @Trojanex anakuwaga na idea zingine zinaexpose umaskini tu

Mdau unakuwaga na shinda. Idea zako za finance ni upeasant tu. I think you’re the same who was starting a roast maize hotel @Trojanex

Inashangaza, how do you even live without eating?

Boss mbona unatuchezea akili sana ivi?

Msee umenichekesha sana after having a bad day.

exactly, this how money savings advisors sound like to me every single time. I believe in increasing my income in order to save, not reducing expenses. life is very short to cut expenses

:D:D why don’t you give it a try and post pictures before and after one year.

He will be too rich for ktalk peasantry

Aiii. Kijana.

:smiley: ghaseer tongue in cheek

Poverty, is that you?

…rich? Or gone?

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