Easier for a poor man to rot in jail than for a guilty rich man to sleep in remand.

For 11 years, Harrison Murigi was on death row but never gave up the legal battle to prove his innocence.
In the case, the court was told criminals robbed a motorist of his car at gunpoint in Murang’a County. Police gave a chase and the stolen car was involved in an accident. Police killed the driver of the stolen car but took Murigi in for questioning. Murigi argued he was just a by-stander caught up in that accident but he was charged with the robbery. Murigi called his father as a witness. The court was told that he was of good morals and his testimony was not challenged when he was cross-examined. Murigi’s conviction by the magistrates puzzled the High Court judge as the police officers who were giving the chase were not called to testify. Moreover, nobody who witnessed the accident was called by the prosecution to testify.
Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000224298/innocent-nairobi-man-set-free-after-11-years-on-death-row/?pageNo=2

jeez thats painful, 11 years in the coolers for a crime you did not commit, wonder if its even possible to compensate someone adequately for the loss of 11 years at their prime

This is too sad how do cops and magistrate who knowingly send innocent people to jail sleep at night

That guy has been finished.

If He had a wife, mafisi walivamia, If He was a bachelor, getting a wife and starting life will be a challenge. Worst of all is seeing the developments His peers have done. The community phobia since they see Him as a hardcore criminal.

He is a man with history. An undeserved tag.
He needs serious counseling, and heavy compensation.


A few years back there was the case of a 17-year old who was charged with murder. He had apparently been sent to the shops one early morning and came across a crowd administering mob justice to a suspected thief. He stood to watch and ghafla bin vu, cops appeared and arrested him among others.