Earth like habitable planet found..

Suppose let’s say NASA, Indian Space Agency China Space Agency or whatever manages to develop technology to send a humanoid robot to earth like planet and its discovered it has all the earth like conditions neeeded to support life without requiring space suits whatever and we manage to have technology to send human to those places in less than a year.
Qiesfion is. Who will own the land there? Which country’s citizen will be allowed to go there and live?
Will world War erupt as the countries fight to have themselves dominate those places, establish their govt, land, control resources and military in the new planet?
What will be the most likely scenario that will happen here?

Whomever discovers the planet will have the rights… and that world be a top secret though, it will be breaking news after, the discovering country has secured it.

There are billions of such plates all over the universe. But we’ll never develop the tech to even travel the distance of 1 light-year

nobody has special rights to the moon…neither does anybody require any country’s permission to go to the moon. It will be free for all. However, by that time, there will be a one world government!

Nations that have the capacity to Discover a habitable planet hawananga Ujinga ya Buroti Maguta Maguta. The International Space Station has been operating for years without such irrelevant issues.

Only Bonobos who cant even produce a matchstick raise such issues.

Just the same way they shared Americas or Africa. They will simply call for another Berlin Conference. If they won’t agree through peaceful means, they will simply dick-measure themselves, and establish another Iron Curtain, figuratively.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 states “that space shall be free for exploration and use by all nations, but that no nation may claim sovereignty of outer space or any celestial body”

The nation that will get there first is the one that will set the rules .

In Antarctica all nations coexist very well …
[SIZE=1]Ok the big countries[/SIZE]

Denmark is claiming part of Arctic, 20 times it’s size

Greece and turkey will soon start fighting over oil in some island…

Eeee I saw this recently, apparently EU are siding with Greece (No surprises there)

Turkey has Putin on their side

Unless there are portals invented even with hyper speed space travel through galaxies isn’t tangible and may never be.If it is it would take very lengthy periods through a number of generations.There is an article i read that explains that light can only travel that fast due to it’s particular nature(photons).If something was larger meeting that speed and surpassing it would mean disintegration.Given 1lightyear is billions of years you get the point.

Also telescope observations are dependent on light from the stars (suns of other solar systems).If the light take 16lightyears to get to earth it means you are observing the state of the planet 16billion+ years ago.

As of the status quo these are just dreams.Focus energy and your thought process on improving life on earth or mars&moon missions (within the solar system).If Columbus made it to America and then got the moon idea instantaneously, america would not be what it is today.Good for Natives and africans in the case of slave trade but in some ways bad to Europeans.We would loose a lot of inventions and innovations because there wasn’t the initial necessity and so it would not be that good for the whole world.The current state of the world as we know it would be very different.

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Obviously mutapata na maghasia za hiyo planet even likely more advanced than us …

Africans will need a visa to go there.

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