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Three Range Rovers were discovered in a cargo container said to have household goods during routine scanning at the Port of ‪‎Mombasa‬ on Tuesday.

The container with the sports utility vehicles, with a market value of more
than Sh28 million, had been declared as having items including baby car seats and bed sofas.

Other goods said to have been in it were toys, used personal clothes, beach beds, shoes, women’s belts, party decoration items and handbags.

“As declared, the items would have attracted less than Sh1 million customs duty and related taxes, denying the Authority more than Sh19 million chargeable for such top of the range vehicles,” said KRA commissioner Julius Musyoki.
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Jamaa probably refused to add on the bribe vile walipata 3 instead of 2 SUVs aka sema potelea mbali and then KRA made their amazing discovery
wasi tubebe hivo kaa watoi,
@Okiya leta conspiracy theory ingine



Probably just pre-emptive measures…

KRA seems to be playing catch-up with their Tanzanian’s counterparts who just unravelled a scheme where 300 plus containers left their port without paying duty!!! Heads at TRA are rolling right, left and centre…

I can help but wonder how often it happens.

ni chai ilikuwa kidogo otherwise inge pass kama nguo


The port is the beating heart of corruption. Erectonics are mostly decrared as utensils. Kra seniors cadre hukula na gold spoons


Kra got donation of 3 scanners from China govt recently. The scanners captured the ranges as they were destined for Uganda but we know this was for Kenyan market.

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You donno anything if u don’t know someone whose station is at the port. Thats when I saw real money.


This happens, a lot!



Hekaya detected.
patiently waiting.
BTW i have a strange feeling that the village chokosh have scared @Nefertities or is it only me?

Umegundua likes zimepungua leo?

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BSc of stealing




These were not for sale though. Luckily, he’ll only have to pay Kes 150k per car for excise duty instead of 1.2m per or there about.

This is bad for business. .nkt

kra were showing corrupt importers whose is the boss.
this is the routine.
kenya ina wenyewe

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Kutembea na gari kama hii ni stress tupu utashinda ukiongana maisha yako yote.

I guess the machines are those stolen high end cars from abroad destined for Kenya and so the owners decided not to declare them to minimize the scent of their trail! Of course they became economical with the bribe at the port.

range rover ya kuibiwo