Eagerly waiting.

For the day curfew will be declared over. Been repairing my jalopy here and there to hit the road on that day. To celebrate the end of this jail term we been serving for the last two months.

better fill it up as soon as possible coz fuel prices might be raised immediately. (especially here in Kenya, citing high cost of storage for new stock)

but I am sure things will get back to normal and after two months or soo, we will be singing about BBI and COVID 19 will be a distance memory.

Covid-19 has really disoriented our lives. BBI chieth we can handle though many wananchi will have been devastated by Covid-19 to afford paying any attention to the politics around it.

if goodies will be given in the rallies, I am sure they will be packed to the brim.
maybe politicians will use goodies to entice people to attend.

@Nanyundo toa maoni.

That, now, maybe the catch. Provide money and foodstuffs to lure in the crowds.

Filling my tank next week GW and storing several jerrycans in the house.

2020 iishe haraka. It has been a horrible year so far, I also can’t wait for normalcy to return.

Kama ni hizi rental za Nairobi, I am not sure it is worth it Buda

Me too!

Nyumba inuke petrol station juu ya kusave 10sh per litre? Maybe kama uko na garage ueke huko, and risking nyumba ichomeke vizuri should anything happen.

I have an outside store.