EACC wako Kazini

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Another Dirty Cop taken care of … :joy: :rofl:



He is crying like a bitch yet when harassing business people he is a lion


Wangewekelea yeye mabare like brarry fawkin

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Huyo D-s anatoa mlio kama wa nguruwe anayetolewa makagari.

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EACC has arrested one Paul Kamau Mbugua, a Police Officer stationed at Kasarani Stadium Police Station who demanded Kes. 30,000/= from the complainant with the intent that, in consequence, he would release two brothers he had arrested and detained at the Police Station from the previous day, for an unknown offence, without booking them in the Occurrence Book (OB).

The Commission received the complaint on Friday and conducted investigations leading to the officer’s arrest after receiving the demanded amount.
He was escorted to Kilimani Police Station where he is currently detained pending further processing today at EACC Integrity Centre Police Station.

During the arrest, a minor scuffle ensued after the police officer started wailing uncontrollably when the EACC detectives informed him that he was under arrest. Attempts by the wailing suspect to resist arrest were unsuccessful.

Detectives confiscated the suspect’s Taurus Revolver Pistol S/No. Q130360 and ammunition, which they later handed over to the OCS EACC Police Station.


Next… He will be screaming out whatever remains of his lungs when Onyi is working on him pale kwa cell…

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The real masters were the Nyayo Error Specialists working out of Nyayo House Basement and Nyati House …

They could get a confession out of anyone in 10 minutes … :joy: :blush: :joy:

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Yes, walikuwa wanakuwekea PLIERS heavy duty kwa makende alafu wanakaza mos mos. You would sing like Whitney or Mariah. 411 inadondoka like a faulty ETR printout.


The way he is crying utadhani hajawahi kula kitu ya mtu. Simba kageuka panya huyu

Just imagine the noise whe they start to squeeze his jewels … :rofl: :joy:

Si poa kuona polisi akilia hivi

He be whining like a baby :baby_bottle::sob:

Hakuna specialization hapo. I can get a confession out of any man in less time through torture. Kupipinya makeii being the default approach.