Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) have raided the homes of Governor Okoth Obado in Migori and Nairobi.
The detectives were reportedly searching for documents and material to aid in investigations on corruption allegations against the governor.
The Migori Governor, who is also facing charges of murdering a university student, is accused by the anti-graft body of siphoning Ksh.2 billion from the county coffers through companies registered by his relatives.
“The commission received credible information that a few persons well known to be proxies of the governor, registered several companies for the purpose of fraudulent acquisition of public funds through fictitious contracts,” says EACC in documents filed in court.


This EACC is a big joke. So, they tell us Gov. Obado is corrupt, throw some serious figure around which make us scratch our heads.
Then, one month down the line, they are out there searching for evidence. Same thing happened with KPLC investigations, why take people to court before securing all the needed evidence ?

It’s not that easy, the courts unfroze kideros accounts, seems like EACC found new evidence. The only way to get to this guy is frustrate him with dozens of court cases and raids. For KPLC, the original document detailing the corrupt transactions disappeared since the DPP trusted the officials at KPLC to keep it safe.

Oh wow. Obado has ksh 2 billion inside the wardrobe.