EAC Integration

Kwani what happened to the EAC Integration protocols? How can one claim that an EAC citizen was found illegally in Tanzania yet they have Kenyan ID cards? We must stop treating this diplomatic gik makamago with kid gloves. Watu wetu ndio wanaumia. It’s either we ALL have it or not.


EAC will start working when magufooli is dead. Saa hii wameclear traffic Kwa njia ya kwenda mortuary. Huyu next week atakuwa Kwa fridge.

EAC is a barely functional union.


EA would have been one nation with immense resources, strong army and a huge market had Jomo Kenyatta not been a stupid and visionless dog with unquenchable greed.

Our neighbours know Kenya is a weak country, hio ndio reason even a failing state like S. Sudam Mistreat our citizens.

The problem is not our country per se but the greedy dog we put in charge. Wakati wa Baba Moi you wouldn’t hear of such nonsense from our shithole neighbours.