E.U. Net Zero Carbon Pollution.

Yaani European still use coal to warm their houses in the cold winters, while us here we can’t even use it for cooking and other domestic and light commercial use ?


Enviromental pollution will only get much worse as Developing countries industrialize. “Net zero carbon emissions” is just a wild pipe dream.

Mordern coal plants burn cleaner than those of the yesteryears

It doesn’t matter, we’ll have to burn through a shit load of coal before we get all developing countries industrialized and out of poverty.

Are you ‘for’ or ‘against’ african countries using coal ?


I am very much for. Coal is one of the cheapest sources of stable energy, and we’ll need it if we are to industrialize quickly.

Same countries using 3rd world coal have probably banned some diesel cars in the name of reducing carbon emissions. They behave as if there are two atmospheres to destroy, one for 1st world and another one for 3rd world. Climate change may be a scam. The earth can sustain and renew itself without false interventions.

We actually believe we can control the weather and climate