E-passport rant May 1st 2019

Well, Now from September 1, to travel to Trumpstian you need the new passport even if you already had the Trumpstian visa on the old passport. Now this is fucking my plans since I am a regular traveler to Trumpstian.
When DP was in Rome, he said that the old passport replacement duration was extended by another two years. Kumbe this was a political statement. I have been relaxed assuming that he meant what he said. Sensitive issues like this should never be political.
Matiangi said that Kenyan embassies in Berlin, London, Washington and i think Stockholm will be offering passport replacement from January 1. I telephoned some of the missions, unfortunately nothing happens. This guys are quick to implement Huduma number overlooking passports which is extremely important.
Any Kenyan abroad that has replaced his/her passport? Ulifanyia wapi (My schedule is fixed can’t travel home)? i want to sort out this as soon as possible.

Have a question.If you have visa on the old passport does it mean one has to reapply for a new visa for the new passport?

You do not have to but if it’s a residency , you will have to transfer it to The new passport .

Thanks.This tweet explains everything.Big relief!

Nope. They’ll give you back your old passport without punching it kama it still has a valid US visa