E-passport deadline itasongeshwa?


The deadline for the old passport ni March 2020…

Do anyone have any information if the deadline of the E-passport imesongeshwa kidogo ?

Bona una uliza, kwani kwenda mayakos siku hizi u need a pp?

March 2020 is 10 days away. Si uende tu Nyayo House badala ya kungojea extension!!

What happens when one doesn’t renew? And what if my passport was supposed to expire in 2020? Mtu anisaidie na hizo majibu please.

I think you cannot travel outside the Country with the Old passport. However, If you already in diaspora place hakuna Embassy I think they can’t force you to come home. Ukikuja you will have to renew. That is my understanding.


Was there last year December. Hakuna watu. Just fill up your details online and book an appointment just like that , one week endea passport

What if uko diaspora? Place kama Iraq hivi ukihustle? does that mean I have to leave what I am doing book a flight and come to get the new passport?

No , just log in ecitizen , Enda Kwa immigration ukijaza utapata country of residence ujaze Kule uko eg Iraq. I think utatumwa Kwa Kenyan embassy