E-commerce Website Developers

I need some guys to develop a responsive e-commerce web site, linked with M-Pesa and other payment methods… Nothing new under the sun so the web site should be a clone of an existing one… Any takers? If interested inbox me with live examples of a site you have done before… We’ll start from there. Am not green in tech, so I will interview you from there…

$27500 + VAT (fat Kijiji discount included)

Point taken…

@T.Vercetti might be able to help you. He’s an amazon developer based in Tacoma Washington and builds shoppify sites in his free time.
His charges are usd 200 per hour so kama utafika bei, contact him.

@administrator nukisha otunguu hapa.

I am sure we can discuss further if I can details of previous work done… Online references… I will ask more tech questions to confirm that indeed he is the one who designed it…

Asisahau kubeba lube just incase wakosane bei,that ninja has the speed of cheetah

ghaseer mnaharibu biashara akahoe 50k ama akwende