E-Commerce App

I need someone who can create for me an Android E-Commerce App.Something close to OLX.Please inbox me with your quotes.


Kitu kama OLx utatoa pesa. Na sio 100k ama 200k… I mean pesa. Na bado hatujaongea servers na marketing. All the best


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LOL!! 200k for a classified. Unless ni developers wa obamacare wanaunda.

Kila mtu huazna mahali!

Specify what you want. Don’t aim at Olx or Amazon. Is it a single product? A particular niche market? What’s your target market?Halafu Ukitaja olx ni kama hujafanya research vizuri. Look at the small players too

If all Kenyans reason like you that is why we have mediocre websites and apps around

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Nugu. Do you even know the framework olx runs on?

Nimequote, lemme inbox you this quote… but seriously if you have a million bucks we can talk. Otherwise, nimeenda.

LOL! Muna mambo. Who’s investing 1m on non existing classified?
Try applying for google adsense, it will rejected (context:-new application, classified website)

Post this to a relevent forum. Hapa u gio ndio mingi.

Since you dispute everything, tell us how much it costs to develop OLX

some dolts here think that an app works on its own… they don’t know you need a backend service for the app, of which the OP clearly doesn’t have, and will have to be built alongside the app.

Apache - Web Server
UltraDNS neustar - DNS services
Dyn - Email Services
SPF - Sender Policy Framework is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.
Google Apps for Business - Web-based email, calendar, and documents for teams. Now known as Google Apps for Work.
UltraDNS neustar Hosting - Enterprise data hosting services.
Akamai Hosted - Data network CDN provider.
Ubuntu - Server

You are a very stupid boy who I cannot waste my time arguing with.

How many developers does OLX have? The salary of a single OLX developer is in excess of 200k alone.
Crawl back from where you came from chieth!!

So Driver wa U.N. na taxi walipwe the same? Ama soja wote walipwe the same? All doctors are paid the same? Pitch your nonsense to an capital investor then revert. I’m out.

Umepinga kila kitu but when asked to give your own estimate umelenga unaleta matusi, when asked to name your frameworks umelenga. So far wenye unapinga have proven their worth ilhali wewe kazi ni kupinga na matusi yet umepeana nothing.
Kindly give us your estimates for an olx kind of app please.