The government of Kenya has “taken over” the running of the e-Citizen platform from a “private player.” So, all along, it wasn’t a GoK platform? And who is this “private player” who has been making billions on a daily basis?
~ Soko Directory

Founded and operated by… A guy by the name James Ayugi. The founder and owner of Webmasters. He revolutionized government services doing away with the crippling paperwork burden. hope he was well compesated

The government is known to run down things.Don’t be surprised if 1yr down the service will be unusable

Those old farts in government are incapable of innovation, kazi ni kukula big salaries while they deliver zero.

Apparently it was very efficient when I logged in a few days ago to transact some bizness

Itakua kama TIMS

Huyo jamaa amekula kila mkenya 50 bob,na wengine maelfu

That should be managed by personnel from ministry of ICT. They should now remove the service charge since cartel is well fed.

While other developed nations contract out things like IT infrastructure to companies with the required expertise huku it’s the other way around. If the people in govt want to run everything in a mediocre manner how will businesses and jobs be created to get those taxes they want? How many times have govt websites been hacked.

Imagine script kiddies getting their hands on all that ecitizen data using rudimentary hacking skills next unasikia your details are on sale in the dark web.

GoK had also contracted a third-party to for eCitizen’s Pay Bill payments saa zile hata mama mboga yuko na Till Number. That Pay Bill charged 50 “convenience” fee on top of the Mpesa charges. Sema fleecing.

Wasifanye ikuwe kama TIMS which has constant downtime. Its like it intentional to frustrate normal kenyans.

NTSA staff ensure that TIMS is down to facilitate bribery. Uncle WSR anafaa afanye kitu.

It cant be run down overnight. A new team will take over. Along the way the new team shall start recommending their kids na hapo ndo kitumbua kitaingia mchanga

E-Citizen was done by WSR related guys… in fact an investigation was launched at some point with an intention to take over the system from the guys… Now the guy behind it or at the centre of it (a Kale) is all over on Social Media (His initials are KK) showing us his closeness within the current WSR system… He is in the inner cabinet for sure and therefore this thing will perhaps be expanded to cover many more functions… watch this space…

We are doomed if Murkomeno is in charge of Transport Ministry.

Trust me… it is deeper than that… it is a deep Kale thing and Murkomeno is just a gate keeper…