E-citizen payment system

I realize that ecitizen is using pesaflow system in their payment system. I checked on the pesaflow and what i found from their official website http://www.pesaflow.co.ke/ is not what is expected. The website has a good user experience but the content, ooh my!! is that a pseudo account coz comparing it with https://pesaflow.ecitizen.go.ke/index.php/site/login i see a very big difference. Even the team looks suspicious to me. That cant be the site running ecitizen, ekanyal yie!!

Hehehehehehehe i see what you mean

It looks so hackable.
That is a goldmine, I see money there

Nigawie ukimanage,

o_Oo_Olooks like one of those scam sites watu huset up in minutes alafu unaokota stock images


I that got me wondering to!
Probably hakuweka her real picture


Of course that isn’t the site running e-citizen, unless you mean something else by “site”. Am 100% sure their payment system is well separated from their " simple website", and runs elsewhere.

i thought so and thats why ekanyal yie

I happen to know the Lady called ngendo, beautiful mind

She looks dryfriable

So the system os for real?

she’s taken unfortunately, ama you’ll take that as a challenge?

they are two different entities, ata logo should clearly distinguish this

Nuh hiyo yao ni biz legit? Hata kama hawakutengenezea Ecitizen?

biz legit in terms of?? she’s a straight person, not a con artist

Ya hiyo website yao?