E 04: Rainbow's Nation Economy is Global's Future

Well, a couple of months ago i did do a breakdown analysis of how LGBTQ economy actually drives the world. To jog your memory back we undertook a case study analysis of how gay parades rakes more profit than even the World Cup, NBA, NFL, Olympics, and any other social gathering all combined. I mean, gay pride rakes in more profit than Boeng and Apple INC, Google, and all those fancy brands (yes you heard me right). Now more than ever, both the private and public sectors are begining to listen to the collective voice of our community. In numerous ways, financial prowess is as as firm as our votes in the ballot box. We have fought so hard for our equality, but now our true equity lies in our economic power.

So according to a recent stat released by Consumer Index, the profit generated after taxation to gay-friendly brands in the U.S was $30 trillion!!! (Forgive me @ ChifuMbitika I dont know the metric that comes after a trillion for your small mind to understand after being converted to Kenyan shillings). The same report further goes ahead to state that an estimated $ 5 trillion were donated by American LGBTQ affiliated brands to NGOs including WHO, UN and all its branches including WB, UNESCO etc ( Essentially, @cortedivoire, @ rexxsimba, and @ SwagMargeddon, this means that all those condoms you use while hopping from one dingy s**thole brothel from another is from us…so much for respect).

I mean if we were nation, we would probably the 2nd lagest economy in the world. For a little perspective, that’s larger than the economies of the French, English, and the Germans combined- what an amazing nation. Another great news is that LGBTQ affiliated business have in the past decade grown larger and lasted longer even as small medium enterprises con’t to fail to reach the five-year mark throughout the globe.

To sum it up, I am calling on you brothers and sisters of our nation to utilize the trillion dollar clout to make a difference. It is high time we supported our community in our everyday endeavors in the manner we shop and invest. Remember to stand with those that have stood with us in Kenya I can name a few including Barclays Kenya, Coca-Cola Kenya, Strathmore High & Uni, St. Andrews Turi, Brookhouse, Nation Media Group, and Standard Media Group.

I wish my Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Ramadan. Stay home, maintain social distance, and observe proper hand hygiene so that my Dylan may fly back from Romania

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I am a Christian, a firm believer in the bible. I believe the Bible forbids homosexuality among other acts including adultery and lying (I add this to demonstrate that the bible isn’t just against homosexuality)

That said, it’s immoral to insult and belittle anyone for their sexual preference. The law of the land must protect all equally. Christians are expressly forbidden to judge anyone outside the faith. If you were to choose to be a Christian, you’d have to live according to scripture. The beauty of Christ is that He doesn’t just say A B C is wrong, don’t do it. He destroys sin in man. I assure you that the God of the bible wouldn’t judge you if he couldn’t help you overcome sin.

I bring that up because bigoted people use the bible to mask their hate. I saw a documentary on how homosexuals are treated in S.Africa and Uganda and it’s sickening that they justify such hate with the bible. If you were to be brought before Christ with your accusers wielding stones, he would simply say… let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

In all honesty, I would proudly join a gay march in Uganda protesting how homosexuals are treated and before God, that would count as righteousness.

I am very elated to learn that Christianity is coming of age. @ Mzichi (probably not Kenyan) has owned the whole issue of homosexuality by caring enough to get to know the whole person. Unlike most shallow people here, he doesn’t perceive identifying as LGBT as all about sex. In fact, I am of the school of thought that the theology of whom we are intimate with is more of black and white.
You can tell a lot about a person’s true nature regardless of whether you meet them virtually or face to face by his or her ability to engage with anyone regardless of their sexual orientation. Unlike 90% of you that claim to be Christians, @ Mzichi here treats people like actual people. He has decided to embrace the tension by engaging in conversation rather than insults (so low). I stand corrected but a theological conviction should never be a catalyst of treating someone with divergent opinion and orientation poorly.

I love how @ Mzichi has navigated taking an hardline stance on something that isn’t his foundational identity. In fact as a christian, I am of the belief that identity should not be exclusively defined by one’s sexual orientation; rather only God should define it. @ Mzichi thank you for first allowing people to belong before they believe.

Very kind words. Thank you.

It’s very biblical, though. If I can’t love you and treat you with respect, I lose all grounds for claiming association with Christ. Treat others as you would have them treat you summarizes the entirety of the Gospel. It’s impossible to develop a relationship with God before developing one with fellow man. God is love.

In my opinion, the Church should be the loudest voice condemning violence against homosexuals. As a taxpayer, you deserve the full protection of the law. In fact, I think that it’s self-defeatist that homosexuality should be criminalized because we end up imprisoning non-violent consenting adults who were otherwise productive members of society.

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Endeni mtombane matako na @Mzichi basi bila kutusumbua khasia msenge wewe. And there can never be a nation of homosexuals unless you discover how to get pregnant through your anus

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