Dynasties wanakula vizuri...


Ngai, how much money is enough for one family?

Youth must rise up!

Dynasties wi suck our blood dry tusipojipanga


Uthamaki ni witu!
A kiuk can only be hired :smiley:

Tano terror.her mother was involved in the 5b moh scandal

Nothing last forever. Hawa ile siku tables will turn. Mimi huwa najua pale ruiru bypass niko na 100 by 100. Hiyo siku we will chase the dynasty like rabid dog.

They don’t need it to last forever. Just their lifetimes i.e 100 years max. Enyewe hawa dynasties hukuwa wamebebea wakenya akili sana. Na by dynasties I include Konyagi, Tinga, MaDVD, Doktari etc who all come from families with a political history or relatives of government bureaucrats. Ukitaka share yako vie MP ama Senator minimum.

Capitalism is on its death bed in the next 20 years haitakuwa.

What is wrong with this family? And it appears like definitely Kamwana is going nowhere… the signs are all there for us to read…


The phrase “Anatoka kwa familia tajiri, hata iba pesa za umma” comes to mind.

tombweni. nobody cares. wapi yule mwizi wa sugoi?


She is a kenyan like any other hakuna MTU aliwakataza ku bid, leteni evidence she got it corruptly not yapping like lost weavils. wivu itawamaliza ngombe nyinyi

Show me the advert for those items, sir!

Am waiting for an idiot who will claim “Uhuru sio mbaya” watu wake ndio wabaya, when it’s actually thieving is in their fuacking DNA…

Even his father Jomo was a thief

But, but. but, Uhuru is a birrionea. He can’t steal. Things will change the day Kenyans, especially the youth, start seeing the dynasties as the enemy of the country. Enemies of progress, equality and equal opportunities, and the biggest impediments to their wellbeing and that of their children.