60 % of houses in Nairobi discharge their sewer in rivers, isn’t a high time sanitation facilities were expanded ?

who will save you? save yourselves. Arror wants to save you at the cost of his life but you are too proud. you say “we cannot be led by the land grabber”
Save yourselves

how do we solve the sanitation problem in Nairobi ?

Arror cannot save anyone, this is a game of interest, no one should claim to be the Messiah. As for arror, he should save himself first

They don’t care about sanitation. They are not doing it for sanitation. That land has always been there, earmarked for sanitation, why now? They are hiding behind sanitation problem in Nairobi, ndio wakunase, wakuweke box, uweke stamp ya approval.

Arror is safe, only a phonecall to his brother telling him he will cooperate, and everything goes back to normal for him, but he has refused to surrender, he will not negotiate with Cartels.
He will not surrender to criminals.
He will not betray the people to parasitic owners of capital.

Arror wants to have a clear conscience when he appears before St. Peter, at the Pearly Gates

Seems like a cooked up story especially the part of Kenyatta family removing Kabogo. Kiambu voters removed Kabogo.

I would love to say ourselves but, the whole world is already doomed.
Evil has won and taken over the hearts of the majority. Good will never reign again (unless we redefine what good and evil is)
everybody right now cares for themselves and their families. 2022 we will vote out most if not all of the current politicians and replace them with worse leaders.
the world right now is about having fun and making merry, which requires money. (has to be found by any means possible)
in Kenya, we are benefiting so much from broken systems to a point where if one was to repair the system, they would hurt more people than those who will benefit (in the short run)
we arent ready to be saved, and when will be ready, it might be too late.

i will comfort you by saying 2 more years then we are free (but we are at the 15km mark in a full marathon. brace yourself)

I don’t even see Waititu standing up to the first family on such an issue.

The problem has to be solved at some point. In your opinion, what do you think it will take to have Nairobi functioning again ?

We dont benefit from broken systems we believe that we do but we are big losers. Just like the Kikuyus believed they benefited from Uhuru from 2013 to 2017 while they gained nothing. Its all manipulation.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Quality rhetoric sir

Kupigana kahaso has been the order of the day

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Kufa dereva kufa makanga

unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get to that realization.
we will keep on benefiting, but in the actual sense we are losing.
a guaranteed half benefit for today and tomorrow is better than a full loss today and an uncertain full benefit for tomorrow.

So OP or whoever posted that long narrative has been investigating all those projects, collected all the data from stake holders. Went underground to investigate and discreetly got info from high ranking govt officials and is now revealing to the world his findings!
Catch me a break!!!:rolleyes:

“Ruto” and “clear conscience” in one sentence… They better pay you very well.

Nairobi will never be a functional city unless it is razed to the ground and built afresh.

in-short government doesn’t want to compensate for land reclaiming land, Two it looks that the presidency of Uhuru was planned from the beginning thus all his plans are falling into place to become the man/Family that single-handed develop the most successful housing scheme in Kenya on Private land which the ohurus will profit from. It also means being a CS is what we term as a position of Man eat Man no wonder Matiangi went silent and is busy getting fat. it also means if you try to benefit others by being selfless in government most likely a Waititu will be done to you and anyone associated with you. This means we as Kenyans are on our own since Demolition is being done at night and no media org nor the government is doing anything to reassure Kenyans that we are safe in our country. What I have gathered is I just need to work hard to build my dynasty and do my stuff my way without looking for politicians for help. yeah and mind my own business in life.

Wrong lesson. They will never allow you to build your own dynasty