I think I know how I will leave this world.

As I age, I have come to realize I am extremely scared of choking on anything to an extend I get a panic attack when I get a little choke, even on my own saliva. Every time I choke I start asking myself if these chokes will one day kill me.

Has any of you had this kafeeling that you know what will kill you and when an incident happens you really get scared?

Write your reply… no

Anxiety. See a doc. You may need to start popping pills.

Kama unajua wewe ni mode wewe ni ngamia sana

I thought it will be because you have only 1 nut. I will ask again, how did you loose your other nut?

You probably choked to death in a previous life. No biggie.

Maybe your missing nut is in your throat hahahahhhahahaahahah

That’s low my fren.

Not having the all threads function is also making anxious. Ambia admin asort ivo issue haraka.

Utakufa kwa toilet msee. Taking a dump. More like this thread.

So kuna ukweli kiasi?

Absolutely not. Siku yako ikifika my fren inakuja na styro yoyote. No prediction no nothing. Halo MTU asikudanganye. Hiyo itkuwa kama daktari was tz eti bundles kutoisha!

Watu wanacomplain site iko na issues hamuwezi ata weka thread ya kurespond. mnapitapita hapa mkipost umavi. Watu kaa nyinyi mtakufa hivo nimesema. Witha huge one halfway through your asshole.

All issues raised being addressed bro.

mimi najua lazima nifike 100 years .

umezeeeka but ni mafi umejaza kwa hio kichwa yako kubwa .

Ata wewe maffi utakufa ukitombwa mkundu

I know.I just couldn’t resist :smiley:

This is a very morbid thread.
I always think I’ll die of a car crush. Sudden death. Wife seeing me in the morning and never seeing me alive again.

How old are u to Begin with