Dying during childbirth

So far I know at least 10 women who died in childbirth especially CS why is this becoming so common yet growing up I never heard of any woman dying of child birth. In fact I know of 2 women who died from the same family delivering their 4th born. Why is this happening. Makes someone really scared of getting pregnant.


How old are you though if you talk about getting scared of being fertilized

My age is none of your business my friend. If I wanted to be fertilizer men are every where who would like their offspring to end up in a family like mine but I don’t want especially chimpanzees. Mzungu I may consider but sio lazima. I am already so used to child free hata mambo na adoption ama pets staki. I don’t want to be responsible even for a cat. Hizi vitu it’s a personal choice it’s not a must that every human must procreate wapende wasipende. So I don’t want those mamboz.

BTW you can get pg when you are not even intending to like in a swimming pool. As a Christian I’m not allowed to remove the damn thing. For sure I can’t do natural bcz I fear pain. It must be CS. Am I going to die? It sounds so dangerous to give birth nowadays.


How do you cool yourself when you are on heat ? Don’t be angry please I’m just being alittle curious about your life. I find you an enigma of ktalk. So help understand you better

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It heard of a few cases. I have several relatives/ family friends who lost their mother/wife to childbirth. I don’t think these numbers have changed.

I could have sworn you have posts where you say you have pet cats. Anyways, no, you can’t get pregnant from sperms in a swimming pool. First of all, chlorine kills sperm. Also water neutralizes sperm by bonding to it. So it destroyes the outer layer that a sperm uses to attach to a woman’s egg. And sperm cant survive without semen. As soon as a man’s ejaculate lands in the pool, the semen disperses. So the sperm dies almost as instantly. Also think about how will sperm travel into the uterus ( fertilization area?).

Thanks for the info I’m Always sca when I go to swimming pool. I was feeding a stray cat that used to live on my porch when I was in Malindi I dunno whose it was but from the day I moved in it came around and I would always give it milk and fish, a very spoilt cat, there fish was 10 bob so it was no buggy, it’d follow me to work nearby and to the market . It wasn’t mine. I also put out food for stray dogs, cats, birds everywhere I have lived but I have never owned a pet and don’t intend to. Maybe if I get a parrot.

I’m no enigma, I’m the person who people on ktalk know more about than anyone else. I think men think women have the same sex drive as them. They don’t. As a woman gets older sex drive also plummets. I don’t even remember the last time I felt sexually aroused. I am basically asexual. My energy goes to other things. In any case I would never get sexually involved with people I dated so you don’t miss things you don’t know and have never had. I caught a few of my exes cheating on me and they’d say it’s because I denied them sex. So with time I also realized that I didn’t want to do it bcz of all the risks involved plus my faith won’t allow it, so maybe I should just give up on men altogether bcz men don’t want to be chaste till marriage and I don’t want to be sexual before marriage, so let everyone go their separate ways. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake, what am I losing?

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Sawa but TMI

Yeah. Sexless relationship with a man is impossible. There you’d be in a relationship with yourself. And saved women are the most sexually active women. Also sex drive increases with age in women up to 55+.

Simply avoid these young doctors.Always go for old school doctors.The kind who were already practicing in late 90s.The young doctors will leave your woman bleeding in theatre as they take a break to go watch tiktok videos.

You are a doctor now?

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Approved by a doc ^^ above.

A medical prescription.
The symbol “Rx” is usually said to stand for the Latin word “recipe” meaning “to take.”
It is customarily part of the superscription (heading) of a prescription.

So …

Patient Name : Truman Capote
Age: Over 21
Sex: F
Marital Status : Unknown

1: Minimum 8 hours sleep daily
2: Moderate Exercise 1 hour per day
3: Balanced Diet and adequate hydration with clean filtered water.
4: High Intensity Sex ( 1 hour twice daily - morning and night - for 30 days - thereafter 1 hour per day as required or requested ).

If morning sickness or belly distention is observed , see a Doctor …
You may be Pregnant … :D:D


2 hours of sex, 8 sleep, 1 exercise, 8 work, 1 commute, lunch 1,dinner 1, news 1hr, prayer&bible study 2hrs.

I need 25 hrs in a day