Duty Free Car Import $$

I was reading these KRA requirements on their website regarding importing a car duty-free for a kenyan living abroad. https://www.kra.go.ke/en/individual/importing/learn-about-importation/importing-goods

My question is, once they’ve cleared the car for you duty-free in coast, can you sell the vehicle? This point is not addressed by KRA in the above link, but other 3rd party websites say that the returning resident cannot sell the car for a period of 1 year. So I’m wondering if maybe that rule was tolewad ama KRA just forgot to include it on their website.

Any clearing agents in the house? Ama jamaaz who’ve gone through this please help.

I think when you sell the buyer will have to pay the waived duty

The last time I checked, disabled people could import vehicles to aid their travel duty-free. However, you can’t buy that vehicle from them without paying the duty. Basically, they are allowed to import duty-free for personal use only.

@uwesmake hii bidding form yenyu ya ekwete does it work? naona you can bid for repossessed autos online hapo kwa car details, ama mmeshachapa deals zenyu na huko nyuma


These guys are mkoras, they’re selling the vehicles in my opinion at the loan initial amount. How is a belta KBZ selling at 450k?

saa hiyo the previous owner had paid close to 60% of it then defaulted

Mikora kabisa

They start the repo process once they know one has everything to loose and nothing to gain

Yap. That’s correct. The logbook has a big ass disclaimer that duty is not paid and transfer has to have customs clearance

So when you pay duty eventually, is the depreciation calculated based on current age or age at the time of import.

There is a slightly different depreciation rate of a locally used. Usually abit lower than a new import. So try and bring a newer car if ur doing returning resident exemption. Usilete mkebe ya 7years

Kuwa mjanja. Get a peasant disabled person wa uko ocha who has never been to school. Import a car through him, with basic modifications tax free. ikisha fika kenya tumia pesa kidogo kutoa izo modifications. the guy will never know he has a car.

Again I say that’s too much hustle for a mobile tin structure. That disabled person wa ocha must av a TIMS account etc. Na pia anaweza kuruka ubaki hata hio gari umeipoteza.

Question for you @Sakmadic . Since a returning resident is not allowed to sell the car he/she imported duty free within the 1st year or else taxes will be assessed on the vehicle, here’s my question: So what happens to logbook after the 1 year passes? Do you know if the KRA removes the disclaimer from the logbook?

Returning resident can sell their car anytime they wish as long as duty is duly paid. Whether its after one month or ten years, duty will be paid if a logbook transfer ever takes place. Note however that you cannot bring another duty free car until four yrs have elapsed. That is you are only eligible for one duty free car every four years