Duties and Taxes

I have imported some stuff via DHL and there are so many charges being demanded bana. These include;
Tax, import duty, advance payment and “other levy charges”.

Now i understand tax and import duty are necessary but what the fuak are the last two charges, advance payment and “other levy charges”? And why are the costs of those “other levy charges” waay more expensive than the other payments???

Forrowing crosely


I know you meant that as a snide remark…but from what i understand is that those are dhl charges not the govt…unless you know something i dont?

Then you use another courier company.
Anyway i have used DHL frequently but to send items to Europe not to import but primarily DHL wont tax you, but will pass to you the tax charge ndio upate your stuff at your doorstep. DHL will charge you shipment cost after that the rest are tax in very funny words. Lakini its supposed to be clear from onset.
Read this…

:rolleyes: Ouch!!!

Kama kulikuwa options zingine alafu na kiherehere yako ukachagua DHL, basi ni wewe ulijikaanga mwenyewe. That company is ridiculously expensive, I would never dream of importing anything using them. Their cost of shipping most times surpasses the actual cost of the item you’re buying. I wonder how they’re still in business.


Options my friend…options. show us what you would pay for the same using other couriers?

My biggest issue are those other levy charges… tried sending them an email lakini inasema their inbox is full!

Enyewe other levy charges hio inakuanga another way of eating but am sure DHL can not tax you there are not government.
It means either it is a tax or its DHL cost. Do not even try emailing them. Kuna time i was sending project documents to Italy for auditing around 13kg. Pesa ilikua 33k.kumbe the jamaa who billed me alikosea akiangalia price range in location range. Nililipa 6k on top. I tried to get the refund niliwacha tu.

I am sure hizo sio taxes. They initially called me and asked where i wanted them delivered and i asked then kama it will cost extra to deliver wakasema it wont…thats where i am suspecting the charges are coming from. Let me try and call them is the rmail bounces one more time before i pay!

What happened to using village smuggler aka @incognitus

Break bulk and use a local clearing agent to move your goods with customs

[SIZE=1]Kulako tano tena pole pole[/SIZE]

Nashuku pia insurance costs

last time I imported something worth 800k ikatumwa via dhl lakini nilikuwa nimewaambia the invoice wataatach ikuwe 200k. just had to pay 40k ndio my goods zikuwe released

Call 0711017506 or 0206925506

Please let us not make this abt raila or uhuru

Si those are their office numbers??

Issue has been solved.

However for any of you who might need a future reference, here is a document that will guide you on how much tax you will pay.

Keen note on the KEBS charges, there is an additional charge of 490 (Import standardisation Mark) over and above what is on that document for each line item you import with a separate quoted amount.