Dusit Update 22:08

Confirmed Casualties as at 22:00 by Boinet
16 Kenyans (1 police officer)
1 Briton
1 American
3 people of African descent
21 Unnecessary Deaths

One of them a police officer.

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Sad. For what gain?

Who are these people of African decent? Is Africa a country?

Sasa kama mtu hana ID, na hakuna mtu amemu-identify utasema yeye ni nani sasa? Hata kama anakaa sura ngumu kana @introvert hivi, anaweza kua Lifestyle (KE), Mturuu (KE), MKaramajong’(UG), Dinka (SSD), Merille(ETH)… ama hata MNjugna wa pale Murang’a ya chini (KE)!! Huwezi kujua… and you know what happens when you assume!?

If you have ever realised the Recce squad always lose a squad member everytime they respond and I have always wondered why don’t they get the bullet proof shield. I was happy to see them carrying one into the mayhem.