DUNS number

Elders, how does one get a DUNS number for a Kenyan business?


Umeiva Swift ghaseer??

Nimetumia Flutter

Go to Clear instructions there

Thanks for the direction

Mimi nilijaribu hii kitu ikanikula bundles zote. very long process. Na bado you have not started with the procurement process.

Enlighten me, procurement ya nini?

UN procurement.
You need a DUNS number, then apply for SAM.

Ni headache!

That’s interesting. My duns number is to qualify for listing on Apple app store, nothing earthshaking.

Did you get the DUNS number?
Are you applying for a Kenyan company?

I’m yet to receive a DUNs number. Their review process seems to take quite some time. Will give it another two weeks or so.
Yes, it’s a Kenyan company.

Finally received it yesterday

Hello, what is the first 4 numbers of the kenyan duns number?