Dunia inaisha wadau

The following events or occurrences in the last few months have shown me that we are at the end of time. TEOTWAWKI is here:

  1. Coronavirus- a disease that has baffled everyone and shows no signs of ending.
  2. Rise in totalitarian regimes all over the world. Examples are the Chinese Communist party, Russian government, Magufool, Museveni’s party, Rwanda’s Kagame, Duterte etc
    3.Trump’s electoral loss to the wicked leftists who are yearning to unleash the NWO to the hapless world.
  3. Harsh economic times the world over
    Tuokokeni wadau. Christ might come any minute

This things have been there since time immemorial


The dude has been on his way coming since he died 2000 year ago. Sorry to disappoint you but you will die of old age and leave others behind still waiting for him. It’s all a lie. A false hope!

Usiseme hivyo mwenzangu

Repent you maggots:D:D:D


Una cheka nini devil worshipper I will pray for you today. God to open your eyes.
Waing’aa ni mateso.

Life is unfair

unaweza kamua OP mkia nikulipe?

What would be your preffered alternative or outcome to the incident above?

Jesus is cumming indeed.

… ujaeka the rise of bbi… dunia itaendelea kabisa. Rem you can’t create matter or destroy Matter labda tu you change its state… so with that in mind wewe jua there is no end… who knows labda in your next state utakua bwana inzi then ukae one week after that ukue shash aka plant and etc etc

What??! Aiii buda

Na kumbe unakuwaga sonko fulani hapa? Hadi ulijipea rank mpya? Village Chief sio?

Mbona unashtuka? Ama jesus hakuwa na mdeki akipiga punyeto inamwaga?

I don’t want to go to christian hell so I refuse to be christian.

Hakua na mshikaji man

Which hell do u wanna go then?

Ndio wanatushow katika kitabu takatifu. Kwaivo lazima alikuwa ananyonga monkey juu iyo blueballs ya miaka 33 ni noma.