Dunia Inaisha, imagine this is an 11yo BOY


What kind of sick demonic shit is this? An 11yo kid at a bar?


Dunia itaisha when you die
For now concentrate on your life

Stupid Americans

My life iko shwari na Yesu ndiye nahodha. Mine is just to sit down and observe others nikingoja Tarumbeta iliye ama Malaika wanipeleke mbinguni.

‘the future’:D:D:D:Dthe west is dead… imagine going to war with these bitch niggas after they get rid of nuclear weapons?.. russians on the other hand, you dont want to mess with them with or without nukes


Its the 21st century, and its a free world
We no longer judge people by their choices,you should know people don’t have the liberty to choose their gender at birth but you can’t force them to grow into it.

I for one I’m not for this but hey again,its a free world you can’t tell people how to live their lives.It is not in your place anyways.

@uwesmake ebu enda utombe makena aache kutusumbua na silly threads I hear she haven’t been been fucked for the last three years…kitu yake ni tamu kama nyama ya sungura:D:D:D

White liberal woman ni moto ya kuotea mbali. In future the arabs will take over many european countries without struggle since feminists and lgbq watakuwa wamemaliza masculinity kabisa.