Dunia imeisha jameni

Sweden has officially declared sex as a sport and finalised arrangements to launch its maiden sex tournament on Thursday, June 8.

The contestants in the sex tournament will have daily sexual encounters that can last up to six hours.

According to Swedish local media, a panel of judges will select the winners of the sex competition, and the audience will also share opinions and analyses on the choices.

The European Sex Championship slated for June 8 is scheduled to last for six weeks, as participants will engage in sexual activity daily for 45 to one hour depending on the length of their bouts.

The report disclosed that the competition has three levels, and in order to advance to the next level, the contestant must obtain a certain minimum number of points at each one.

The sex contenders have the opportunity to earn between 5 and 10 points in each discipline, which are decided by a mix of public votes and a panel of five judges.

According to the report, the audience will watch the sex competitions and will take note of various features of the sexual activity.

The couple’s chemistry, their understanding of sex, their level of endurance, and other vital sexual features will all be considered when deciding who emerges winner.

The head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych, said he hoped that one day sex would be regarded as a sport globally.

He underlined the value of education and the possibility that engaging in sexual activity can improve one’s physical and mental health.


Will it be aired on their national tv like other sports? Anyway it’s just another ‘sport’ that black people can easily dominate, like they have done in all other real sports.

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