Dune; True Story cont.d

I got to Nairobi close to mid day. Now the other problem I had to tackle was finding where Mandera buses are, men I was so naïve! Thinking I would find their bus stop in town centre. While walking around aimlessly who do I bump into? None other than my elder brother coming from work. Damn! I never wanted anyone from home to know naenda wapi. Was this coincidence, fate, or just random happenstance. He asked me what I was doing In Nairobi. I did some quick thinking and told him I was there to pick some professional documents. He helped me with my bag and took me to some hotel inside some multiple storey building which to me seemed like going through a maze, we had lunch; ugali, mboga with supu ya nyama hehe (I guess affording that in Nairobi is prestigious).

Next stop Mathare North. That’s my brother’s abode, so populated, tall buildings side by side like Siamese twins and dumpsites kila place it made me nauseous, all the more reason I hate Nairobi life.

We got to Mathare North close to 4pm, place teeming with life. My bro’s room was on 3rd floor of a dark building, dark as fuck, heard that the bulbs get stolen every time they are replaced so the one replacing them just got tired of charity work . Yaani hapa inabidi uwashe ‘ mulika mwizi’, ama you get fractures by inadvertently starting over the climb, which is quite steep and full of hazards just like the proverbial labyrinth.

I had to sell my brother a story so I cooked him story of giant how I had written an application to Mandera County and had to be hand delivered and the only way that was possible was by me taking it to the booking office for buses from Mandera. This was my ploy of getting a guide to where the booking offices were, and also warding off any interrogations as to why I had to personally go there. Hence I sold him stories of giant like, “Si unajua hakuna g4s inafika uko, hata posta nilisikia haifanyi, si unajua’ al-kebab’ wame paralyse services kabisa!” This lies would later turn out to be partly true.

Next day bright and early we got up, freshened up took some tea with maziwa kwa umbali and half loaf we had to somehow share. It was on a Wednesday if I can still recall the events well. We boarded a mathree to tao, when we got there my bro’ directed me to where I could get matatus plying the route to Eastleigh. I won’t say I got lost but I was thoroughly befuddled by the time I got to where I was supposed to be to get my ride. Long story- short, I managed to arrive in Eastleigh, by then I was absolutely dehydrated and famished with money I had only budgeted for Transport, had on me one thousand shillings that had to get me all the way to the horn of Kenya, no food budgeted, no beverages no nothing.

Hence I found myself acquainted with Moha, a talkative Wariah perpetually chewing cud and with a ‘solar’ from here to Timbuktu. He was an sort of an agent fo Tawakal bus services, he just grabed my hand as I wandered aimlessly crisscrossing with veiled Somali women smelling like mini perfumeries and asked me or rather told me I needed him to guide me, I obliged as if spell bound by the green goo smeared on his lips. Halfway to Tawakal booking offices, I suddenly stopped and demanded he tell me the fares to Mandera so I could get the upper hand in bargaining The reply I got had me feeling dizzy and my knees suddenly weak; “ni mia Elfu Tatu na mia tano tu brathe!” He said, with his half full mouth full of ‘taksin’…

Hii story imekua hapa for two days and not a single comment or reply


Ati what?

Don’t stop…go on.

sasa wewe unataka kupapaswa ama paka kila uchao? wewe ni mtu sampuli gani? malizia hekaya


This guy hunibamba sana. He’s the Ktalk watchman. Masaa yake saa tisa saa kumi.

@Dune kuja malizia hekaya. We are forrowing.

Ederea funda

@Dune , kuja haraka ,umetuwacha hanging which is not good.

ikoo suspense :mad::mad: NV kuja maliza hii hekaya like hukuli kwa sasa :smiley:

continuation inakuja, waks ndo noma I say! nko on call wazeiya

Ungetumia Canter za Farah which ferry cargo from Nairobi to Mandera, daily at 2500, they are fast and don’t have those picking wariah women, like those buses.