Duncan Ndegwa

all Wazees in this village we shall oust you. Mhame mtoke hapa ndani


Join the club. But the dude is blessed to be able to strike a ball at 93. Mgongo na miguu iko sawa kabisa. The way he is turning is like a 25 year old.

Who between this man and Lenin or Che Guevara is a bigger achiever

Gary busey approves of those teeth. Yikes!

This morning I watched again a repeat of a recent Mahathir Mohammed interview on CNN.
The man is 93 years old, came out of retirement to run again for president and never ceases to amaze me how the man has such clarity of mind and eloquence.
He’s even able to castigate Trump for being erratic. For a 93 year old, that’s totally amazing acheni story za golf.

Nani ako na ile book yake ya Walking In Kenyatta Struggles atupatie in PDF?

Kama wewe ni mzee wa fifty na hata huwezi afford golf club membership, gerrara here…