Duncan Ndegwa

Pesa ni msuri lakini. Just watched that interview with Jeff Koinange wakiwa kwa golf course. The guy seems very healthy. First African governor of CBK. Born in 1925. At 93 years give or take, I have to admit he is doing just fine. Hata hakai kama ameanza kuwa senile.

watch the influx of Indians-amesema hivyo

Hata Citizen washapost youtube.


Those men made clean money. They sleep soundly. Live free. Hawa sijui pesa na gunia, sijui isposs huwes kula sandwich na amani my fren.

Uzee hukula ujana kweli. The guy is fit as a fiddle for a person who is 93 years old. Just playing golf at Muthaiga and enjoying his sunset years. Enjoying his billions in the shadows.

Na sijataja mtu, unaona new dollar billionaires wakijienjoy na wajukuu na vijukuu in Peace???

Hizo naona zikikujiwa at some point. Era ya kuiba unawachwa ivo inaenda ikiisha.

Your engrossment with senility is curious Mtu random. Some of these things are genetic or dependent on the cassava you were weaned on.

They never made any clean money. Those are the real thieves. Do you know Ndegwa family are the people who have made Nyeri town to stagnate_

Not necessarily. I am really amazed at people playing tributes to nyayo.

I always confuse him with the other billionaire ndegwa…I just know (read) he opened corruption floodgates with his ndegwa report which paved way for civil servants to fully participate in private business…yaani most became tenderprenuers in the 70s.

Elder, great to hear. Were they really that good at laundering or what? Its is our kids heritage we need to protect.

Please explain…I am in a “suite” at the imperial guest house and as I walked down from the top of the town I couldn’t help thinking how those who have chosen to redevelop are doing such a weak job of it…

Which engrossment? Isn’t it a known fact that people get senile when they grow old? Tiga wana gathee

Money buys drugs and pays for medical procedures honey. It can even buy organs. Having money is definitely likely to extend your life for a few more years. Key word: likely. If you think money is useless, ask someone who has just bribed a judge to freedom for a crime that deserved a life sentence.

Someone is cutting it too close to the bone…na sisemi ni Mutura-Ndom

Yes money hands you great advantage but I believe good genes play a bigger role. My grandpa is now 94, born in 1924 and still drives his old corolla. His two older brothers are still alive and active…one smokes and other one drinks…i attribute it to genes

Of course money can only take you so far. It isn’t Jesus in a wallet. Hapo pengine ni ancestors wanakupiga jeki through genes.

The one thing that there is a nexus is money is good but…

:D:D:D:D:Dndio nimekuwa nikimuuliza sisi wazee wa fifti tunasem anini wasee wa 93 wakicheza golf?