Dumping my thoughts: Friends who are stuck in their childhood

We all have different kinds of friends; work friends, college friends, bar friends… but the friends i’m closest with are my childhood friends… Shida sasa ni they are not progressing with life and they’re in their late twenties/early 30’s… wanataka tu tushinde tukipiga mastory za utotoni; sijui how we stole a bike, how we spanked some girl and ran away… None of them is married; kazi ni kuDF watoto wa campus na kukunywa… none has touched a book since uni/high school, ata gazeti sionagi wakisoma… Lakini they’re the only ones who are there for me during the worst of times which makes me hesitant to cutting off ties with them…

They say you’re the average of ur friends… wish i made friends with ktalkers mapema now I would be a millionaire like them and enjoying my christmas in Alps or Germany

Do not compare urself with others, u do not know what journey they have been through

mimi humada biz b4 8 in the morning. after that sasa wanakuanga welcome.
msee anakam na stori za kutoa lock na ndio amerauka?

No need, I long ago dumped my childhood friends. You are no longer thinking the same, your take on issues is different and your goals in life world’s apart.


Move to another town. Case solved

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I think he does. That’s what friends from childhood means.

you’ve discovered the path…now lead them…

but that is what childhood friends are for, mostly the reminiscing part. That is why we meet up with them once in three or four months as you grow each one of you gets a new circle of associates but you do not loose touch entirely

I feel you. Almost in a similar situation.

While some wish to have atleast one close friend.

If I were you I wouldn’t cut ties

Two things @Father Figure
[li]Time to talk tough like your name and drill some sense into them[/li][li]Seek alternative networks that will help you grow, labda they will also get inspiratio[/li][/ol]
Lakini don’t just cut off friendships if they are not evidently toxic

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I talk to very few guys from my childhood. Infact my friends are the guys I went to campus with. Im a firm believer that a person has no more than 6 true friends. More often than not, these are the people who will be on your wedding line up and you in theirs…they kind of person who knows your folks, as you know theirs…everyone outside this circle is a just a friend or at best an acquintance.

Sasa unataka muongee kuhusu ploti karen na nyinyi sio ben gethi? Marafiki kaeni pamoja kama matako


Why do you feel you only have to have one circle of friends ?


are you speaking from experience???

you say this guys are always there for yet you feel that you are better than them.l wld rather you cut ties badala ya kuwabeba ufala just know finding true friend it not easy.

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pole sana why don’t you have friends.

I thought staff members were cronies, you must have a tough life no mama, no friends

Vile @Ice_Cube amesema.
Childhood friends are there to remind you mahali umetoka. Bora usiwadharau, just enjoy their company as you can totally be yourself. That’s the one group of people who know you for who you are & can see right through your bullsh*t.
Just encourage & inspire them where possible.