A 34-year-old man from Katalel, Keiyo North, committed suicide after his wife gave birth to twins.

He died after jumping into a borehole at his home on Sunday evening and by the time neighbours showed up to rescue him, he was motionless at the bottom of the borehole.

His wife had given birth to twins just under two weeks ago and it is believed that he felt overwhelmed by the burden that was ahead of him - providing for the twins.

Katelel West assistant chief Luka Ruto echoed the same sentiments saying the man may have decided to take his own life because he felt he could not meet the needs of his children.

“He jumped into a borehole in his compound. He had no mental problems but he may have faced challenges catering for the twins,” he said.

Residents in the area confirmed that he had not quarrelled with anyone and expressed shock at his decision to take his own life

Police took the body to Iten County Referral Hospital mortuary as they continue with investigations.

It would have been better if we knew the deceased by name not the assistant chief

Good riddance?

sadness of life

The problem runs deeper than the kids. Probably depression or some mental health issue.

Mjamaa aliona quadrijoint kwa watoi akajua nmecheswo akaingia chini ya maji literally

Yaani already kesi ishakamilika, yet, it might be even homicide

Do you mean he jumped into a well?
From the boreholes I know, a human head cannot even fit.
And it is too deep for neighbors to simply show up and ‘rescue him’.