dumb sonko

KENHA destroys footpaths placed by sonko in non designated areas in mombasa road, dumb sonko sends his boys to deface KENHA properties


Wajinga ndio waliwao.

Boys behaving badly

Chokosh gavana.

Nairobi CBD has become one big bus stage.
Hiyo ndio makosa yake yenye mimi huona ya kwanza.

Now imagine security being devolved to such a temperamental and petty person.

I think Kenha was the petty one here. Why destroy the footpaths na jay-walking is common?

Ngombe musee the footpaths will most certainly lead to crossing roads at dangerous illegal points.

Niwache woriah…

Kenha should show their seriousness by charging that bugger, or it will be assumed that they are a toothless bulldog

That’s how tax prayers’ money is wasted.

Kenha waweke footbridges za kutosha on that fwacked up Mombasa road, otherwise those three bridges wamejiwekesha hapo sio za kila mtu, wengine wetu bado tutashindana na magari kuvuka roadi… Na wawachane na msitoh sonko. Hii Nairobi ya macartels lazima iendeshwe ki’cartel, otherwise Gafana hawes survive hao mauru…

I support Sonko. We cannot have an highways authority that thinks roads are for cars and not cyclists or pedestrians. Waweke footbridges za maana kwanza…After all, didn’t sonko sue kenha for placing bumps on an expressway (Thika Rd) instead of placing pedestrian flyovers? Watu wawache kula na tenders wafanye kazi. Thank God DPP amejua kazi yake

Mombasa road is literally a highway. there should be no crossing points on a highway.

They should instead build up the service roads away from the highway and divert the foot traffic that way so its easier to get to a place without the need to get through a highway.

Plus they add more footbridges and remove crosswalks.