Dumb drivers are everywhere

I’m not the smartest in the pack lakini leo nimakutana na madereva wajinga kuniliko.
Today we had a severe wintry mix (a lot of ice and a coating of snow). The highway has a posted speed of 75 miles ph (about 120kmph), but due to the ice on the road, most people were driving at or below 30 miles (48 km). Sasa jamaa mwingine mjinga decided to show off juu alikuwa na Volvo S40 AWD. My jalopy is also AWD and I prefer it when the weather gets this bad because I won’t loose much even if it’s totaled. The guys was driving at over 50 miles (80 km), too fast for the road condition. AWD/4WD are very good in snow, but ice hapana tambua what car you’re driving. Ni Mungu tu na common sense can help you. Jamaa kupita akaendaaa, akaniacha kwa ice. Baadaye kidogo huko mbele nikaona gari imespin out of control, and this is how it ended:


The trailer guy (the one that passed on the right) was also driving a little bit fast, but he didn’t go far. There were several crashes ahead and he got stuck between two vehicles that had crashed and blocked one side of the road. Two highway patrol cops were dealing with him by the time I made my way past him (about half an hour later after I captured this accident) and I’m sure his stupidity cost him a lot.

Mbona hukutoka kusaidia…ama ni MYOB huko states

Wueh! Today was very scary. The way we all got ambushed by the wintry weather … I wasn’t ready for snow to come this early in the season.
Dearest, aren’t you driving a little too fast? :smiley: Even with my Lexus V8 designed for extreme weather, I drive like an old lady. The jerks who want to show off end up like that…
Mko na snow day kesho?

Hizi terms - miles, snow sisi hapana tambua

Hii inaitwa fender-bender. No one got hurt (huoni driver already ametoka). In other accidents, it’s also advisable to wait for a properly trained response team (unless, of course, there’s an immediate danger like fire). Ambulance/emergency teams respond pretty fast. You might try to assist someone but end up causing them more injuries.

In such weather I will just cancel all engagements and stay at home.

Ice hapana tambua V8 ama V12! I wasn’t too fast, and I always keep my distance.

And you’d be home for a long time- days, weeks. While there has been no official response yet from state officials, they totally dropped the ball and were ill-prepared for the weather. It’s still early for this kind of weather, but there’s no excuse because the weather forecast was clear. They should have prepared the road (with a mix of salt/brine and sand/fine gravel), and they should have been snow plows clearing the roads. That’s what everyone expects when they hit the road.

Karibu niulize kwani Suera bado anatumia zile chemicals huleta snow huko Nyahururu.Kumbe hauko huko mashinani,unaniambia story za place sioni kama nitawai fika ku test those speeds.
Nigga ng’ang’ana na upambane na hali yako

Huko ni nyahururu kuna sinoo hivo.

hehehehe hapa pia mambo ya ELNINYO huenda hivo, but tumesoea excuses, may be one day heads will role na tshike adabu

Watu wa Mutara-Rumuruti highway wakae wapi? Hapa ni vumbi inasumbua sisi sana kwa hii barabara yetu ya corrugation.

Mbona hakuna sauti?

maybe it wasnt a show off just some impatience.

napenda sana venye u never lack a comment for anything under the sun

I’ve turned off audio recording on the camera. We have a state law that prohibits me from recording someone else’s audio/conversation without their consent. What that means is, if I were to give someone a ride (or even open the car window and talk to someone in the parking lot), I’d have to disclose to them that I’m recording our conversation.

Sawa tu. Same result.

Are you suggesting @Mathaais = @M2Random ?

sasa unataka kutuonyesha uko majuu

mara wintry mix, mara miles mara miles per hour. hapana tambua hizo

Unatambua kitu inaitwa STFU and move on to the next thread?