Due to public demand

I have decided to retire this handle. Too much hate from fake birrioneas. Kila thread lazima Quanstrom atajwe for one reason or another. Brand new and shiny handle loading. I will come back incognito, like a government inspector. Wacha niende nikakamuane sasa. You’all can eat a dick.:smiley:


Bitch ass light skinned nigga caring about virtual opinions

see that copped

utasahau utuambie tena umenunuliwa pilsner. …lightskin huezi cheza chini

Your penis is small.

Na uoshe gari…burukenge wewe.

Your avatar belongs to a criminal

Anyway you have a small penis

Tom wacha ujinga rudi kwa bed una update nini kwa simu, hebu rudi haraka ukase mukuundu

Ile ya @GayLord XIIII uliamua kufunga due to public pressure

Sielewi. Is this a celebration of you logging out of one handle and then back in with another?


Jinga what’s the use when you will proclaim that you are light skin on the first chance you get.


Welcome back my expatriate peasant black American wannabe gangsta.

Mkubwa handle yako inafaa kuwa “kijanamurefi” :rolleyes::wink:

kojoa ulale


[SIZE=7]say what now?[/SIZE]


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