Dude Waiting To Be Paid....Has Never Played A Sport....Rolling In Money!

Stephen A. Smith now wants $25M annually from ESPN, per @Ourand_Puck

ESPN is offering $18M

“ESPN and Pitaro have put an $18 million-per-year offer in front of their generational star. It’s an insane amount of dough for a TV personality… but it still might not be enough.” 😳


Ultron Rocko
Steven A enter the building like the players and want to make what the players make!:rofl:
Eighteen million for doing nothing but talking and stirring up controversy. Then, he wants $25 million. Unreal…Somebody please sign him to a 1 game contract so he can fulfill his dream.

He has a huge audience.

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His mouth is what pays the bills. He doesn’t need to get on a court.

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who is that GIF


$25 million pays him and his staff. Its a lot, but is low compared to people like Joe Rogan ($250m), Howard Stern ($90m a year).

I am surprised he’s staying on with ESPN. He’s someone who could have started his own station(brand) now that cable is decentralizing.

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This guy might be more valuable than the 90% of the players. Because the game by itself is sometimes boring. 82 game season with too many useless matches that nobody cares about. ESPN needs someone who can keep the audience engaged even when the game itself is boring

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This Is Why Stephen A. Smith Is Paid Well: He Can Tell ‘White Folks’ To Mind Their Own Business… :grin:

Stephen A. Smith knows there are some people who didn’t care for his commentary on the Los Angeles Lakers’ hiring of JJ Redick as head coach.

He doesn’t care what they have to say, Smith made clear on First Take Monday, particularly calling out “white folks” for concerning themselves with his report that some Black head coaches had an issue with Redick starting a podcast with LeBron James while Darvin Ham was on the hot seat.

“Black coaches called a Black commentator to complain about a Black superstar doing a podcast while his Black head coach was on the hot seat before he ultimately lost the damn job,” Smith said, via Awful Announcing. “What does that have to do with white folks? Some things are none of your damn business.”

From there, Smith appeared to take a not-so-subtle shot at Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb, who had accused him of “race-baiting.”


"It was a Black-on-Black thing, but you’ve got other folks who will remain nameless working for other networks with their irrelevant-ass selves popping their junk,” he said. “And the fact of the matter is it has absolutely positively nothing to do with that. It’s about that the fact that this situation ended up looking the way that it looks optically.”

It should be noted that Smith and Redick worked together at ESPN and have had some good sparring sessions on the air.

Smith congratulated the 15-year NBA veteran on getting the job and called Redick a “brilliant basketball mind.” He also didn’t blame Redick for taking the opportunity to work with James, so it doesn’t seem like he has a personal issue with the former Duke star.

Still, Smith is standing by his reporting and analysis of the situation no matter who takes offense, and he’s made that abundantly clear.

Edward Borges-Silva 35m
Stephen A. Smith, has a hell of a lot of nerve telling whites to mind their own business. Someone needs to tell Smith that we have a 1st Amendment right to comment on any thing we so choose. Smith is the last guy to mind his own business, I’ve never noted him to hold his tongue.

R H 23m
Black can tell white folks to “Mind their own business” when the issue involves the black community, but they are free to speak on white issues? Um…okay.