Dubai police hovercrafts.

Dubai cops to be soon patrolling streets in flying nduthis yaani hovercrafts. How ingenous or silly is this innovation? Seeming that those blades can chop off any part of your body in the slightest accident?[ATTACH=full]207007[/ATTACH]

someone will get decapitated

kumbe asgardian skiff were to be real one day

by 2030, we will have machines that are safe.

so in the future some thief will be able to hover into my fenced shamba, steal all the maize and hover into the sunset:saitan:

One problem with these hovercrafts; they use battery tech which gives them less than 20mins of flight time and almost over 1hr of recharge. Kwa ufupi hii no pr tu…

yes, for now the battery technology is still in infancy…actually the principle of batteries has not changed for over 100 years.

please google the word hovercraft…
tafasali wacha ku mislead raia

True this thing has propellers





I don’t get where the name hover comes in though alafu surf kwa land craft kwa maji hawa watu wanatuchesa.

All the crafts are hover crafts because they ride in an air cushion, difference ni height tu

May those blades can be secured like those of home air fan


Hope so!

Imagine bwana!

Don’t you think they will evolve to improve battery life or make fuel-powered ones?

That would be a great improvement!

They definitely will, as battery tech improves. Breakthrough will be when they build lighter batteries. It’s the day passenger planes will turn electric…